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And I’m Home

And I’m Home

Madoka Magica ED3
 Song: wowaka
Vocals: Eri Kitamuta and Ai Nonaka


Two hearts rusting together in a soundless world,

what is it that you see?

I’m still looking for the face that said “see you again”

I’ll look over and over again


If you would only notice that right behind

There was a lonely girl crying for all this time

It was a painful

And lonely place


So please keep your hand in mine


No matter how many times you feel that way

You can always find warmth here

Even if it’s a mistake I don’t care, as long as I’m here with you

With the sound of tears and sigh on your face

I’m sure this is where we are now


A jestful everyday life

I want, I want that future


 My confident voice wavers

And I fall deeper into my dreams

Hugging my knees as my vision fades

I know I’ll crumble soon.


If it stays, if it stays like this

We will have to rush toward the distant exit

Even now I still have hope

C’mon, lets laugh and gaze at each other


With a simple and innocent face

Lets embrace our crumpled up feelings

Even if we’ve lost ourselves, this place is just too kind.


I’ll call out your name time and time again

Even if the future is unclear

My heart aches you know, every time I think of you

I’m right here

I’m right here.

The home we’ll come back to is here okay?


They won’t ever change

The feelings I’ve left behind

Anime · Ending Themes

Danganronpa the Animation ED: Zetsubousei Hero Chiryouyaku

Despairity: A Cure for Heroes

Music and Lyrics by Suzumu
Vocals by Soraru

‘What is it that you desire?’  Buzzing in my ears a story that’s a lie

Somehow my world has gotten bugs


Material desire block my way but you say they are a fair trade

I have drowned in temptation and obedience


Forced to play the King’s Game

He refuses to listen to rejection


Imposing on me a quest to ‘Kill the NPCs!”


Dance in despair! The boy full of dreams

Was beat up by the reality he took refuge in.


It’s useless to pretend to have no desires

And keep playing a hypocrite


What was the dream I admired?

“Do you want to become a hero?” (lol)


I make the wish

“Sorry but there’s no cure for stupidity”


*What is it that you desire?”  my perception must be already numb

Somehow my head has also gotten bugs


My true nature blocks my way – keeping my egotistic thoughts in check

Look here, look here, the kid on my mind has already broken down!


My selfish thoughts sing of material desires

I have no right to refuse


The deal thrown at me was to “kill all common sense”


Dance in desapir! The girl tainted with doubt

Watched as reality plunged her into grief


Is it really so important

That you won’t give it up?


What was it that I rejected and then yearned for?

“Wasn’t it your place in the world?” (lol)


Our thoughts intersect and I realized

Your words were aimed at someone else


Fate that’s correct 30% of the time blooms,  even for dreaming girls

The quest given to her is to ‘reveal the blackened’


Dance in despair! The boy inside a box

Was laughed at by the reality that chased him


Forget pretending to be the good guy

It can’t be helped that people will be hurt


I’m fine with mistaking justice

Or talking hypocritically about idealistic thoughts


I just wish

For a world where nothing was so black and white